Freelance Writer – Matt Hart part2 Ep24

Round two with freelance writer and journalist Matt Hart. We go down some rabbit holes about things like the book Born to Run, straddling the line of fiction,  FKT shoutouts, short attention spans, long form vs writing for web, why I may or may not be a good interviewer and how I got rejected by Kara Goucher. Why Kara, WHY!?

Check out more of Matt’s work at and clips at and @thematthart on twitter.

Freelance Writer – Matt Hart part 1 Ep23

Matt Hart has lived a few different career lives. He’s worked in the tech world for companies like Microsoft, he’s been a professional athlete and coach and now he finds himself as a writer and journalist for places like the National Geographic, Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal and even CLIF Bar. If you ever read articles online or in those magazine and thought,  “I wish I could do that” or “what is that business like?” than this is going to be the episode for you!

In this first episode of two Matt explains how he got his start, how you pitch stories, how you come up with pitches, how much times it takes to write stories, how long before stories get published, the difference between writing for the web and print, how much places pay and the good and bad of being a freelancer. Hart is incredibly open about the life and career of a writer and anyone who is interested in the field will find this episode very insightful.

Podcaster/TV Host – J.E. Skeets part 2 Ep22

J.E. Skeets the host of The Starters TV show on NBA TV is back! In part two Skeets explains what the day to day job looks like, we talk about what it’s like meeting and working with your childhood athletic heroes, needing to get away from the NBA at times and then play a few Starters style games.

Check out The Starters show on NBA TV or YouTube.

You can see their blog at

And follow Skeets himself on twitter @jeskeets

Podcaster/TV Host – J.E. Skeets part 1 Ep21

I think you can officially say J.E. Skeets an OG (look it up for those whiter than me) of podcasting. Skeets and I talk about trying to make a life and living from podcasting and what it’s like to finally get your dream job. He and friends from college started doing a podcast in 2006 about basketball that became The Basketball Jones. Along the way they added three more people, became a daily podcast and eventually found there way to NBA TV in 2013 as a daily TV show called The Starters. I am not doing their amazing origin story justice, but they did a great 10 year anniversary episode that you should check out at this link. 

One thing that really sets the show apart from almost anything else out there is the comedy and chemistry of the guys. The show is as much comedy as it is NBA and that is helped in large part by Skeets acting as host. They have made a product that seems like you are hanging out with friends being goofy and talking sports, which may come across as easy, but as someone trying to make a podcast myself I recognize as quite the feat.

You can watch The Starters on NBA TV nightly at 6pm. The TV show is also a podcast that you can find anywhere you get podcasts and they put out two podcast only show every week as well. Follow Skeets himself on twitter



Brand Manager/Sponsor – Buzz Burrell Ep20

I look at the other side of pro running as I chat with the Ultimate Direction brand manager and sponsor Buzz Burrell. Buzz took over running the hydration company Ultimate Direction a few years back and one of the first things he did was sign on top ultra runners like Anton Krupicka, Scott Jurek and Peter Bakwin to be the face of the brand. I talk with Buzz about life in the outdoor industry, what he looks for in athletes to sponsor, why he thinks going pro in ultra running might not be the best route for most people and more.

Buzz is also a super accomplished runner and adventurer himself and we chat a bit about his own adventures. He and Peter Bakwin coined the term Fastest Known Time or FKT which has really taken off as a way to get out into the wild and test yourself.

Pro Runner – Anna Frost part 2 Ep 19

Pro runner Anna Frost is back for part 2. We talk running, lessons learned, travel, Hardrock 100, nonsense and she threatens to hit me. The interview went really well!

Frosty is a very impressive woman who has accomplished a ton in the running world but has also embraced the being a woman runner and role model in some really powerful ways. Everything from writing a children’s book called Frosty’s Footsteps (which I bought and she will sigh), to creating a web forum for women to ask each other questions about subject that can be tricky to answer to just in general embracing being open about lessons learned and struggles fought.

Anna is also now leading trips and camps and they look really awesome. Check those out at 

Pro Runner – Anna Frost part 1 Ep18

Anna Frost has made a career of doing some of the hardest athletic feats you can find and excelling at them. From vertical kilometer races, to adventure races to winning both the Hardrock 100 and The North Face 50…twice! She and a partner were also the first women to complete Nolans 14. Nolans 14 if you aren’t acquainted is a fun little challenge in Colorado of seeing if you can do a line of 14 peaks over 14,000 feet high, with no marked trail, 40,000 feet of elevation gain and a 60 hour time limit.

What I think I liked best about Frosty (her nickname since she was a kid) though is that she has made the sports world a tool for empowering women, inspiring girls, traveling all over the world, avoiding winter and finding cool things to make jewelry out of. Having just had a little girl I can’t help but hope my girl finds some of Frosty’s spirit!

Also if you are at all into trail running check out her adventures and camps at because they look AWESOME and yet somehow also affordable.

Follow her and adventures at @annafrosty on instagram and facebook 

Pioneer of Audio Books – Barbara Holdridge Ep17

If you enjoy listening to spoken word audio you have Barbara Holdridge to thank for it. Together with her business partner, Marianne (Roney) Mantell, co-founded Caedmon Records in 1952. As an entirely women-owned company Caedmon stressed gender equality and focused on women’s writings. She was a pioneer in the genre of spoken word literary recordings, and is considered to have laid the foundation for modern audio books.

I got the chance to meet her in Baltimore and she was kind enough to record with me on a new medium, podcasts. I really enjoyed Barbara and visited her several times afterwards to help her with her award winning gardens.

Pro Runner – Clare Gallagher Ep16

In my third interview exploring the career of pro ultra running I was fortunate enough to talk to Clare Gallagher. She is new, she is excited, she is funny and she one fast runner. Clare is someone just starting her career as a runner, trying to figure out how to position herself, what’s important to her and how in the world do you make enough money to cover rent, much less save for a rainy day. Clare’s biggest feat so far is placing as the first overall woman at the Leadville 100 mile run in 2016. Since then she has signed as an athlete with The North Face as her primary sponsor as well picking up support from a number of other sponsors. We talk how all of this came about, what’s her hopes for the future and really how do you pay the bills sometimes?

Storytime – Ben Harland Ep15

A new segment that we may have once in a while is Storytime! This one features a story I recorded a while back with one of my friends Ben Harland, but it’s one of my favorites. I call it his Christmas miracle. Ben might disagree, but what do I care. Anyway sit back and enjoy a real life series of unfortunate events featuring Ben Harland.