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US Attorney – John Walsh Ep12

Two things I you come away thinking if you meet my guest John Walsh is “That guy is really smart and really nice.” John was the U.S. Attorney for Colorado from 2010-2016. The position is a presidential appointment and serves as the top federal prosecutor for the state of Colorado. Walsh stepped down before the 2016 election and is now a partner at the WilmerHale law firm.

We spoke about what skills most helped him in the field of law, how he got to be the U.S. Attorney and what the job was like as well as what challenges he sees facing the country now. John continues to be an outspoken voice for issues he  worked on while U.S. Attorney such as Countering Violent Extremism and protecting the rights of immigrants and refugees.

John and I actually had our first interview destroyed by technology but was kind enough to do this second one. In the lost interview he shared that lawyers starting out in the U.S. Attorney Office make around $65,000 and can work their way up to around $1500,00 at the top end. He also said that while he was their when looking to hire great writing skills, public speaking ability and ties to Colorado were things that always made candidates stand out.

Advocate/Attorney Rabia Chaudry Ep5

Advocate, attorney, podcast host, social media voice, author, narrator, countering violent extremism expert, cat lady and all around interesting woman Rabia Chaudry is on the show. Most people were first introduced to Rabia by the podcast Serial as the woman who originally brought the case to Sarah Koenig who went on to turn the story of Adnan Syed into an international sensation. Rabia though had been fighting the good fight for both Adnan and others long before Serial. We talk about how she got started as an attorney and then advocate, how you make all the things she does into a paying career, what her relationship with Serial was like, what went into writing the book Adnan’s Story, Adnan himself and what her future has in store. Rabia is very open about her career as an advocate and how she has gone about making living from it and I think it’s a must listen for anyone interested in exploring a similar path.

You can find more about Rabia at www.rabiachaudry.com  follow her on twitter @rabiasquared and listen to her podcast Undisclosed. Also I highly recommend reading the book she wrote Adnan’s Story that includes letters from Adnan explaining more of his side of the story and much more about how the case originally went down, what it was like to be on the other side of Serial and where the investigation of the case has gone. You can get the book anywhere you get books and I highly recommend the audio version read by Rabia. Lastly you can follow one of the great loves of Rabia’s life Sir Mr. Bean on his facebook page.  Mr. Beans is very a very important cat since he is basically the godcat of Buster Bedell.