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Podcaster/TV Host – J.E. Skeets part 1 Ep21

I think you can officially say J.E. Skeets an OG (look it up for those whiter than me) of podcasting. Skeets and I talk about trying to make a life and living from podcasting and what it’s like to finally get your dream job. He and friends from college started doing a podcast in 2006 about basketball that became The Basketball Jones. Along the way they added three more people, became a daily podcast and eventually found there way to NBA TV in 2013 as a daily TV show called The Starters. I am not doing their amazing origin story justice, but they did a great 10 year anniversary episode that you should check out at this link. 

One thing that really sets the show apart from almost anything else out there is the comedy and chemistry of the guys. The show is as much comedy as it is NBA and that is helped in large part by Skeets acting as host. They have made a product that seems like you are hanging out with friends being goofy and talking sports, which may come across as easy, but as someone trying to make a podcast myself I recognize as quite the feat.

You can watch The Starters on NBA TV nightly at 6pm. The TV show is also a podcast that you can find anywhere you get podcasts and they put out two podcast only show every week as well. Follow Skeets himself on twitter



Indie Band – Hey Rosetta Ep3

Image from www.heyrosetta.com

Hey Rosetta is on the podcast. This was recorded at my kitchen table a few years ago which is always an amazing experience. If you don’t know them Hey Rosetta is a Canadian indie rock band fronted by Tim Baker on guitar and lead vocals but also incorporating violin, cello, brass, piano, drums, and bass. Their albums have included Plan Your Escape, Into Your Lungs, Seeds and most recently Second Sight. This interview with the band is from 2011 while they were touring in the U.S. on the album Seeds. See more at www.heyrosetta.com