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US Attorney – John Walsh Ep12

Two things I you come away thinking if you meet my guest John Walsh is “That guy is really smart and really nice.” John was the U.S. Attorney for Colorado from 2010-2016. The position is a presidential¬†appointment and serves as the top federal prosecutor for the state of Colorado. Walsh stepped down before the 2016 election and is now a partner at the WilmerHale law firm.

We spoke about what skills most helped him in the field of law, how he got to be the U.S. Attorney and what the job was like as well as what challenges he sees facing the country now. John continues to be an outspoken voice for issues he  worked on while U.S. Attorney such as Countering Violent Extremism and protecting the rights of immigrants and refugees.

John and I actually had our first interview destroyed by technology but was kind enough to do this second one. In the lost interview he shared that lawyers starting out in the U.S. Attorney Office make around $65,000 and can work their way up to around $1500,00 at the top end. He also said that while he was their when looking to hire great writing skills, public speaking ability and ties to Colorado were things that always made candidates stand out.

Talk Radio Host – Guillermo Moreno Ep9

The Guillermo Moreno show is a conservative talk radio show in Fresno, California and it just happens to be hosted by someone I went to college with, Guillermo Moreno! Guillermo was kind enough to come on and share the story of how he went from Democrat to Republican, lawyer to talk radio show host and more. We also answer some listener questions and talk a little politics.

You can find more about The Guillermo Moreno Show, including recordings of past episodes and live streaming of current episodes, at the show’s website¬†http://powertalk967.iheart.com/media/podcast-GuillermoMoreno/