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Singer and Musician – Paul Dempsey Ep4

Paul Dempsey in my bed.

This episode features singer, song writer, musician and absolutely fantastic live singer Paul Dempsey. Paul is from Australia where he rose to prominence with the the rock band Something For Kate. In 2009 he released his first solo album titled Everything Is True. Since then he’s released an album of covers titled Shotgun Karaoke and then in 2016  a second album of original music titled Strange Loop.

When I met him he was spending some time living in New York City and touring on his first album. He was kind enough to chat about music, performing, celebrity and his personal life as well as performing a few songs for me in what remains one of the coolest live performances I’ve ever been a part of.  One of the songs he performs, Ramona Was A Waitress, has become one of my favorite songs. Please check out Paul’s music and if you can go see him live. His website is www.pauldempseymusic.com

Indie Band – Hey Rosetta Ep3

Image from www.heyrosetta.com

Hey Rosetta is on the podcast. This was recorded at my kitchen table a few years ago which is always an amazing experience. If you don’t know them Hey Rosetta is a Canadian indie rock band fronted by Tim Baker on guitar and lead vocals but also incorporating violin, cello, brass, piano, drums, and bass. Their albums have included Plan Your Escape, Into Your Lungs, Seeds and most recently Second Sight. This interview with the band is from 2011 while they were touring in the U.S. on the album Seeds. See more at www.heyrosetta.com