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Pro Climber – Tommy Caldwell Ep48

Pro big wall climber Tommy Caldwell comes on the show to talk about the life as a pro climber. Tommy has gone from something of a climbing prodigy to dirt-bagger to viral celeb to climbing elder statesmen.

We talk about his unique childhood as his father tried to build in his kids the same love of the outdoors and exercise he had. How he eventually turned that into a profession. How the Dawn Wall became a thing that more than just climbers cared about. Why he decided to trade chalk for a keyboard and write a book. How the National Parks have impacted him and then most importantly does climbing with 9.5 fingers matter?

Check out Tommy’s book The Push wherever you get books, it’s a really honest reflection on his life’s ups and downs.











Photo of Tommy on the Dawn Wall by Corey Rich



Underwater Archaeologist – Dave Conlin Ep6

Dave Conlin joins the Just Curious Show to talk about his career as an underwater archaeologist working for the National Parks Services as the head of the Submerged Research Center. Conlin talks about how it’s science and his two masters degrees and Ph’d that got him not just being a good SCUBA diver. Though you better be a good SCUBA diver! Dave is one of those rare people who knew what they wanted to do since he was a little kid. But, the road hasn’t been all swimsuits and rainbows as he explains that the years of schooling, which he is still paying off, set him up for his big entrance into the field…volunteering to clean boats. It’s a great window into the life of following your dream job and what it really looks like when you are there.

Check out more about the NPS Submerged Research Center on the parks website. And they also have their own Facebook page that you can find here.