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Travel Writer – Fran Golden Ep30

Sometimes you go on a journey to get a career you want and sometimes that career finds you. In a lot of ways travel writing found Fran Golden and it sure seems like she has been enjoying the journey. When the journey is getting paid to cruise around the world and write about it I guess it makes sense that she’d try and find things to enjoy. That said I was amazed in talking to Fran how much she works to churn out stories. The hustle is real! If you ever thought travel writing looked like a great job this is an episode for you.

This episode brought to you by Toad & Co makers of travel clothes tough enough for the trail but stylish enough for the tavern.

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Features Writer – Jane Marion Ep29

Jane Marion has been writing features about celebrities, artists, chefs, restaurants and quirky Baltimore people for 30 years! First as an editor and writer at TV Guide magazine and more recently at Baltimore Magazine. When it comes to writing, working on features always struck me as the fun stuff. You get to meet interesting and sometimes weird people, ask them practically any question you want and they answer. Basically like my podcast! It is an area or writing though where you do really get to meet an incredibly wide swatch of interesting people and Jane is a teller of those stories.

You can find her on Twitter @charmcityjane

Or check out her work at Baltimore Magazine 

Author – Scott Carney part 2 Ep28

Scott Carney and I continue our conversation about what makes books sell, what motivates him to write, what question he is trying to answer with all of his writing, what he think of Wim Hof and his strategy for talking to hard subjects. There are lots of good insights into the world and career of writing for anyone aspiring to be an author themselves.

Check out Scott’s newest book and New York Times best seller What Doesn’t Kill Us as well as his past works The Red Market and A Death on Diamond Mountain. The audio books are great for all those too if you are into being read to like I am!

You can also see more of Scott’s writing at or find him on twitter @sgcarney

Also if you are interested in more info about the business of freelance writing check out a previous project Scott did called

Author – Scott Carney part 1 Ep27

Scott Carney is a writer who has investigate some strange and dangerous things. His books have explored the economy for human body parts, extreme meditation and what can go wrong and how learning techniques for coping with extreme cold can perhaps help your health. He is also very savvy about the business of writing. He shares what he’s done right when approaching the business and some of the mistakes he’s learned from.

Check out his newest book about Wim Hof called What Doesn’t Kill Us anywhere you get books or check out the audiobook like I did. Carney’s previous books are The Red Market and A Death on Diamond Mountain.

You can also see more of Scott’s writing at or find him on twitter @sgcarney

Also if you are interested in more info about the business of freelance writing check out a previous project Scott did called

Creative Writer – Duncan Sarkies Ep26

When it comes to creative writing Duncan Sarkies has nearly done it all. He is a novelist, playwright, tv and movie screenwriter, humorist, story writer, writing teacher and now writer of an epic absurdist musical humor podcast The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Bertie’s Botanarium.

Duncan hails from New Zealand and talks about how he started writing when he was a young kid, fell into a group of like minded people in Wellington NZ that help shaped his comedy and how he’s worked to pursue doing fun stuff with fun people.

Check out his newest work at or search Uncle Bertie’s anywhere you get podcasts.

Corporate Writer – Mara Whitten Ep25

Mara Whitten is a communications specialist for Land O’ Lakes, yes the butter company. Mara will let you know it’s so much more than butter though. Indeed Land O’ Lakes is a 13 billion dollar co-op that also owns things like the agra brand Winfield and the animal food brand Purina…except not the cat and dog part…more the race horse, deer, pig, bee and cattle feed part.

Whitten’s job is to tell the stories of those brands, the members of the co-op, the factory workers and the corporate employees though writing, video, websites, multi-media, newsletters and more. It’s not a job that a lot of people know about, but for the last few years I have worked with Mara doing photography to help tell those stories and couldn’t help but think that’s actually a pretty cool job. I also couldn’t help but think of all the people who I went to school with who got english or journalism degrees and struggled to do anything with them and wondered if they knew about this corporate writing world. Mara was kind enough to explain how she found that world and what it’s like.

To see a taste of the work Mara helps produce check out the Land O’ Lakes Inc Instagram Page –

and YouTube channel

Freelance Writer – Matt Hart part2 Ep24

Round two with freelance writer and journalist Matt Hart. We go down some rabbit holes about things like the book Born to Run, straddling the line of fiction,  FKT shoutouts, short attention spans, long form vs writing for web, why I may or may not be a good interviewer and how I got rejected by Kara Goucher. Why Kara, WHY!?

Check out more of Matt’s work at and clips at and @thematthart on twitter.

Freelance Writer – Matt Hart part 1 Ep23

Matt Hart has lived a few different career lives. He’s worked in the tech world for companies like Microsoft, he’s been a professional athlete and coach and now he finds himself as a writer and journalist for places like the National Geographic, Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal and even CLIF Bar. If you ever read articles online or in those magazine and thought,  “I wish I could do that” or “what is that business like?” than this is going to be the episode for you!

In this first episode of two Matt explains how he got his start, how you pitch stories, how you come up with pitches, how much times it takes to write stories, how long before stories get published, the difference between writing for the web and print, how much places pay and the good and bad of being a freelancer. Hart is incredibly open about the life and career of a writer and anyone who is interested in the field will find this episode very insightful.

Podcaster/TV Host – J.E. Skeets part 2 Ep22

J.E. Skeets the host of The Starters TV show on NBA TV is back! In part two Skeets explains what the day to day job looks like, we talk about what it’s like meeting and working with your childhood athletic heroes, needing to get away from the NBA at times and then play a few Starters style games.

Check out The Starters show on NBA TV or YouTube.

You can see their blog at

And follow Skeets himself on twitter @jeskeets

Podcaster/TV Host – J.E. Skeets part 1 Ep21

I think you can officially say J.E. Skeets an OG (look it up for those whiter than me) of podcasting. Skeets and I talk about trying to make a life and living from podcasting and what it’s like to finally get your dream job. He and friends from college started doing a podcast in 2006 about basketball that became The Basketball Jones. Along the way they added three more people, became a daily podcast and eventually found there way to NBA TV in 2013 as a daily TV show called The Starters. I am not doing their amazing origin story justice, but they did a great 10 year anniversary episode that you should check out at this link. 

One thing that really sets the show apart from almost anything else out there is the comedy and chemistry of the guys. The show is as much comedy as it is NBA and that is helped in large part by Skeets acting as host. They have made a product that seems like you are hanging out with friends being goofy and talking sports, which may come across as easy, but as someone trying to make a podcast myself I recognize as quite the feat.

You can watch The Starters on NBA TV nightly at 6pm. The TV show is also a podcast that you can find anywhere you get podcasts and they put out two podcast only show every week as well. Follow Skeets himself on twitter