Corporate Writer – Mara Whitten Ep25

Mara Whitten is a communications specialist for Land O’ Lakes, yes the butter company. Mara will let you know it’s so much more than butter though. Indeed Land O’ Lakes is a 13 billion dollar co-op that also owns things like the agra brand Winfield and the animal food brand Purina…except not the cat and dog part…more the race horse, deer, pig, bee and cattle feed part.

Whitten’s job is to tell the stories of those brands, the members of the co-op, the factory workers and the corporate employees though writing, video, websites, multi-media, newsletters and more. It’s not a job that a lot of people know about, but for the last few years I have worked with Mara doing photography to help tell those stories and couldn’t help but think that’s actually a pretty cool job. I also couldn’t help but think of all the people who I went to school with who got english or journalism degrees and struggled to do anything with them and wondered if they knew about this corporate writing world. Mara was kind enough to explain how she found that world and what it’s like.

To see a taste of the work Mara helps produce check out the Land O’ Lakes Inc Instagram Page –

and YouTube channel

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