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Yo Colorado Founder – Brad Miller Ep52

If you’ve visited Colorado in the last few years one thing you can’t miss people wearing clothes with the Colorado flag. A company known for it’s hats it starting to stand out in the space, it’s called Yo Colorado. Co-founder Brad Miller joined me to chat about how he went from graphic designer and screen printer to business owner. Now the company has it’s eyes set on being more than just a tourist hat and t-shirt company.

I’ve seen a ton of people get in the t-shirt and screen print game and wanted to know how you make the next step in that business. Yo Colorado also seems like they have the potential to perhaps in 10 years be known brand well outside of Colorado and I wanted to know what it’s like to be in the middle of that, how you plan and dream. Finally I wanted to know a bit about the nuts and bolts of where and how gear is sourced and made. Brad explained it all and more.

Check out there gear at www.yocolorado.com 

You can also see a video they recently made showing a lot of the items Brad talked about as well as hear from his his co-founder Pe Maslowsky.