Yo Colorado Founder – Brad Miller Ep52

If you’ve visited Colorado in the last few years one thing you can’t miss people wearing clothes with the Colorado flag. A company known for it’s hats it starting to stand out in the space, it’s called Yo Colorado. Co-founder Brad Miller joined me to chat about how he went from graphic designer and screen printer to business owner. Now the company has it’s eyes set on being more than just a tourist hat and t-shirt company.

I’ve seen a ton of people get in the t-shirt and screen print game and wanted to know how you make the next step in that business. Yo Colorado also seems like they have the potential to perhaps in 10 years be known brand well outside of Colorado and I wanted to know what it’s like to be in the middle of that, how you plan and dream. Finally I wanted to know a bit about the nuts and bolts of where and how gear is sourced and made. Brad explained it all and more.

Check out there gear at www.yocolorado.com 

You can also see a video they recently made showing a lot of the items Brad talked about as well as hear from his his co-founder Pe Maslowsky.

Advertising & Fine Art Photographer – Randal Ford Ep51

Randal Ford talks about what the job of an advertising photographer really looks like in probably the best description I’ve heard. What it looked like 10 years ago when he did a job compared to what it looks like now. How he got into the fine art world by photographing some cows and happens when you bring your kid to work while shooting an elephant. Be sure to check out his new book The Animal Kingdom available for order on Amazon. Check out more of his work at www.randalford.com


Below are some of the images we talked about creating in our chat.






















Blind Adventurer – Erik Weihenmayer Ep50

To most of us going blind would be the ultimate tragedy of our lives. For Erik Wehenmayer though he somehow eventually turned it into a career move. He made a name for himself as the first blind person to summit Everest in 2001 and has gone on to turn adventures into his job. When not going on adventures he is a speaker, writer and co-founder to the No Barriers foundation.  You name the adventure sport and their is an excellent chance Erik has found a way to do it with mountain climbing, rock climbing, road biking, running, mountain biking and kayaking as just some of the ways he gets around.

Erik has also authored several books including his most recent No Barriers: A Blind Man’s Journey to Kay the Grand Canyon.

Find out more about what Erik is up to at his website www.erikweihenmayer.com




Pro Climber – Hazel Findlay Ep49

Hazel Findlay is known as someone who climbs some of the scariest rock climbing routes in the world. But how do you make a career out of doing that? She shares her path, what it’s like to make a living from climbing, how her career has shifted as she’s gotten older, her fascination with the mental side of climbing and the love hate relationship she has with social media.

Find all the ways you can follow Hazel at www.hazelfindlayclimbing.com and find out more about her coaching and seminars on mental training.


Pro Climber – Tommy Caldwell Ep48

Pro big wall climber Tommy Caldwell comes on the show to talk about the life as a pro climber. Tommy has gone from something of a climbing prodigy to dirt-bagger to viral celeb to climbing elder statesmen.

We talk about his unique childhood as his father tried to build in his kids the same love of the outdoors and exercise he had. How he eventually turned that into a profession. How the Dawn Wall became a thing that more than just climbers cared about. Why he decided to trade chalk for a keyboard and write a book. How the National Parks have impacted him and then most importantly does climbing with 9.5 fingers matter?

Check out Tommy’s book The Push wherever you get books, it’s a really honest reflection on his life’s ups and downs.











Photo of Tommy on the Dawn Wall by Corey Rich



Pro Slackliner – Mickey Wilson Ep47

Mickey Wilson has found a way to make a career out of balancing, bouncing and flipping on a slack-line. He’s used these skills to win competitions, put on shows, travel the world, save someone’s life and get on the Ellen Show.

Surprisingly enough not too long ago it was a much better bet that Mickey would make his living being a scientist or engineer instead of doing tricks in the sky on the beaches of Dubai.

Follow Micky on instagram @trickymickeywilson

Historian Podcaster – Scott Rank Ep46

What do you do when your job prospects look bleak? Create your own job of course. Scott Rank talks about how he has carved out a career as a historian by way of podcasting and e-books. Now host of the History Unplugged podcast Scott has taken a very unique road into making a career as a historian after getting his Ph.D from Central European University in Budapest Hungary in 2015. He explains why he didn’t follow a more traditional route, how he made being a podcaster a full time job and how he researches such topics “Who had the worst flatulence in history?” in episode 92. Scott was also kind enough to answer some of my poorly worded history questions!

Check out his podcast webpage at www.historyonthenet.com

Author & Coach – Sarah Lavender Smith Ep45

Sarah Lavender Smith is a bit of a renaissance woman and in this episode she talks about how that came about. We chat about her path away from her original journalism career plan and how she found herself a runner much to her own surprise. Then how running became a career of its own.

Sarah and her husband have also followed some not so traditional life and career moves including taking nearly a year off to travel the world with their two kids. I ask her to explain how you can go about doing that financially and whether it was really all it was cracked up to be. For anyone interested in a non traditional career path Sarah’s candor and insights will really be helpful.

Photo by Howie Stern

Find her book The Trail Runner’s Companion here.








And find out more about what Sarah is up to and how she can be your coach at www.sarahlavendersmith.com

Sarah in a self-supported stage race last May during the 155-mile Mauna to Mauna Ultra on the Big Island, drenched from rain. Photo courtesy Mauna to Mauna Ultra

And below her and her family in Barcelona on their round the world trip.

Photo Professor – Marc Ullom Ep44

One of the things that I find most interesting is all the different ways you can make a career out of the same thing. As a professor of photography Marc Ullom and I in some ways do the same thing, take pictures, the reality though is what we do is nothing alike and that’s interesting. Marc was actually one of my teachers and early inspirers to explore photography more. I was excited that he was willing to come on the show and share what his journey has been like, what it’s like to teach photography and what he has going on now that excites him.

You can find Marc’s work at www.marcullom.com

I’m also very excited about the photography workshops and tour business that he and his wife Sharron are now doing that you can find more about at www.ullom.photo

Here is a few highlights of Marc’s work.




































Documentary Family Photographer – Kirsten Lewis Part2 Ep43

Back for a second hour with documentary family photographer Kirsten Lewis. I ask more about this whole Creative Live and education side of her business. She tells me more of what she has up her sleeve for the future…it may or may not include Jennifer Garner. We also talk a little about some of her equipment and why she uses it to try and best capture real moments both of subjects and her own family.

You can see her speak like in Boulder CO on October 25th 2017, I think there will be streaming too if you can’t make it out. But doesn’t everyone need a good excuse to come visit Colorado! Here is the link for free tickets. 

You can find Kirsten’s work at www.kirstenlewisphoto.com

Also if you’re interested in her education classes check out www.kirstenlewiseducation.com