Dunc’d On Basketball
 – My favorite basketball podcast



Undisclosed Podcast – Amazing deep dive into the legal system



Crime Writers On… – Fun discussions about everything true crime.



The /Filmcast – Reviews and discussion of everything film and a lot of TV. A great way to deep dive into popular films and find out about under the radar ones.


The Starters – A podcast all about the NBA, but also all about the group of friends hanging out and having fun. It was one of my original podcast loves back when they all lived in Canada and were called The Basketball Jones.


Bullseye – Host Jesse Thorn is one of the best interviewers out there in my opinion. He has lots of great guests and always has smart, insightful, well researched talks with them.

Audio Books

Running for my Life, by Lopez Lomong – One of the most intense and powerful stories from the most positive person I can imagine


Once A Runner, by John L. Parker Jr. – The ultimate runners cult classic. If you haven’t read it you should, but be prepared to have an uncontrollable urge to run.


Racing the Rain, by John L. Parker Jr. – The prequel to Once A Runner. This was an awesome running read! Parker knows how to make books that make you want to run.


Born A Crime, by Trevor Noah – The hardest I can remember laughing at a book in a long time. Also one of the most informative books about race and growing up in apartheid.


Adnan’s Story, by Rabia Chaudry – If you liked listening to the podcast Serial but were left with questions like “Why didn’t Adnan seem to care more?” or “Could that many things really go wrong for one person?” than you NEED to read this book!

Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand – An Olympian’s journey from airman to castaway to captive. This is one of the most epic tales of survival, pain, forgiveness and endurance. It’s a story so incredible it hardly seems real.


The Run of His Life, by Jeffrey Toobin. The story of OJ Simpson by Toobin who who covered the trial and got an amazing amount of access and insight. The FX series The People v Oj Simpson: American Crime Story way based on this book.


Running with the Kenyans, by Adharanand Finn – I really enjoyed this story of a Brit who to Kenya to try and live out his running dreams and learn the “secret” of the Kenyans. What he finds is no magic sauce (which I appreciated) but a lot of interesting ingredients.