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Documentary Family Photographer – Kirsten Lewis Part2 Ep43

Back for a second hour with documentary family photographer Kirsten Lewis. I ask more about this whole Creative Live and education side of her business. She tells me more of what she has up her sleeve for the future…it may or may not include Jennifer Garner. We also talk a little about some of her equipment and why she uses it to try and best capture real moments both of subjects and her own family.

You can see her speak like in Boulder CO on October 25th 2017, I think there will be streaming too if you can’t make it out. But doesn’t everyone need a good excuse to come visit Colorado! Here is the link for free tickets. 

You can find Kirsten’s work at www.kirstenlewisphoto.com

Also if you’re interested in her education classes check out www.kirstenlewiseducation.com